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Hey, I'm Tom!

Mental Health Life Coach & Mentor

Founder and Owner of Chance is Change, Tom Hoskins has over 14 years experience of working with children and young people with challenging behaviour in all different types of school settings.

Having undertaken a vast amount of training in children and young practice, behaviour management, mentoring, positive interventions and life coaching, Tom uses these skills to create a positive outcome in a school environment.

Tom has a unique approach and specialises in behaviour, anxiety and autism, and has a high interest in making a difference in the community.

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Hey, I'm Charlie!

SEN Mentor

Hi I’m Charlie Dean I’m 24 and currently work in a semh school. 👋🏻

I’ve chopped and changed jobs over the years and a few years back I decided I wanted to stop doing carpentry and help and provide support to others, I’m really passionate about mental health and having seen friends struggle from it, I now have the drive and motivation to help tom and chance is change on there inspiring journey helping and supporting many kids across Gloucestershire. 👏🏼

I’ve undertaken a variety of courses and training around mental health along with life experience and also working on the front line in schools that will enable me to provide support and advice for those in need! 📕

I’ve known Tom for many years and it’s amazing to see the work he’s already done, It’s a privilege to be able to join the team and hopefully make a difference, I can’t get wait to get started! 

Take a look at the positive impact Chance is Change has had over the past few years....

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