The Life Coach

Making a huge impact in the lives of young children & adults in Gloucestershire

Hi all, I would like to start by introducing myself my name is Tom Hoskins and I am the owner of Chance is Change. I am so proud to finally announce and introduce you all to the “LIFE COACH” which will help so many young lives around Gloucestershire. The life coach will allow me to travel around Gloucestershire and provide a safe, fun & reflective space.

Hi there! I'm Tom.

An experienced Mental Health Life Coach helping children and young people through behaviour management, mentoring and positive interventions.

For 13 years I have helped change the lives of children and young people across Gloucestershire. As founder and owner of Chance Is Change, I believe every chance is an opportunity to change and that with a little bit of support, every young person can achieve their dreams!

What is The Life Coach?

The Life Coach serves as a nurturing haven, specially designed for children and young adults in Gloucestershire, offering a safe space on the go. As a dedicated mobile service, it enables me to reach out to as many individuals as possible, creating a warm and welcoming environment for open conversations about mental health and well-being.

The Life Coach has been blessed with a remarkable makeover, thanks to the unwavering support and commitment of our local sponsors and selfless volunteers, transforming it into a fully equipped comforting space.

Take a peak inside The Life Coach!

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I have launched ‘The Life Coach’, a mobile mental health space for children & young people in and around Gloucestershire. The Life Coach will allow me to travel around Gloucestershire and provide a safe space on wheels to my students, providing a safe, fun & positive environment!

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Our sponsors

A huge thank you to all our sponsors who’ve turned this dream into reality. Without their support, the Life Coach just wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to them, we can keep offering crucial guidance and a safe spot for children and young adults in Gloucestershire.