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Gracie's Story 👇🏼

3 years ago we were recommended to work with a young person who had been a school refuser for 2 years previous the date of our first meet. She was extremely anxious and found it very hard to manage her emotions and school was a huge fear and her anxiety was affecting her life.

We used our positive approach and we created a positive pathway for her to use. In 5 weeks we managed to get her back in school for an hour a day! 😃 📈

Now wait until you hear this 😧…

She went from doing an hour a day to 2 hours, then to 3, then from 3 to 4 and then for a full day! This was incredible progress and we was all so proud of her! 🌟

Now it was time to work on her getting back into lesson🤭 we used our same approach and fast forward 2 years, she is now doing a whole day and attending all lesson every day! 😃 💪🏼📈

It doesn’t stop there, a year has passed and Gracie finished school today with 100% attendance, and managed to achieve 7’s and 8’s in her subjects. I am extremely proud of the person that Gracie has become, this couldn’t of happened without the schools help and I thank Barnwood Park School so much for support they have given to Gracie!

A student overcoming anxiety 👇🏼

We first met Tom almost 2 years ago, my son started suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, it was a struggle to even get him in the car to get to school, when at school he wouldn’t get out the car! He would only manage to stay for one or two lesson before thinking he wasn’t able to manage anymore of his school day.

Tom saw us one day struggling to console my son as he was having an anxiety attack to get out of the car, Tom took over and managed to get my son out the car and into school, from then they have struck up a relationship and over the 2 years Tom has shown my son a lot of strategies and ways of dealing with his anxiety.

With thanks to Tom, my son now gets out of the car a lot calmer, he has managed to stay in school longer, he has managed to go from staying in school for only the first one or two lessons to managing at times a full day!! Not only has Tom helped my son in school, with his patience, understanding and his connection with him, Tom has helped him with his social life as well, with being able to apply his strategies and help from Tom, my son has managed to go to football stadiums and days out to just coming back from a two weeks holidays in Crete!!

As a family we are so grateful to Tom and Chance is Change for the help he has given my son and honestly don’t know how we would have managed if we hadn’t had met Tom that day at school, my son feels he has met not only someone willing to help and understand him, but also a friend and someone he can trust, which is really important for now and his future.